June 10 Conference of European University Chaplains Day 1

IMG_0830 P1020027 P1020028

What goes into a conference bag – the blue thing is donated by the student union. It’s a piece of flexible plastic you use for scraping up the dog pooh! But it’s quite a collection!

More about day 1 when I sort out the internet here. But we had a great welcoming address by the Vice-President of the newly formed Uniting Church in Sweden, Sofia Camnerin. I hope to get a copy of it from her.

Then the first keynote was a wonderful address by Prof Mattias Gardell and again, he is happy for me to email him for a copy. He addressed the question of Islamophobia, with reference to Andres Bering Breivik and the Norway 22/7 attack, which was also anti-feminist. A pretty disturbing but enlightening lecture.

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