Re-inventing Chaplaincy in the Public Domain
Paper consequent to a presentation Oasis at Flinders – Re-inventing Chaplaincy in the Public Domain at the conference, Chaplaincy – Development, Dialogue and Diversity: Telling Our Story, University of Otago, NZ. December 2016 (PDF 2.4 MB)

TCMA Workshop, July 2015

My contribution to a joint workshop with Alan Larkin at the annual conference of Australian university chaplains at Griffith-Logan University, July 2015 (PDF)

Spiritual and Religious Inclusion in a Secular University
Seminar presented at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, April 2015

SCA_Tas_ Spiritual Care in an Age of Pluralism
A workshop presented at the national conference of Spiritual Care Australia, Hobart, Tasmania, April 2015

Nouwen’s Concept of_Hospitality

Oasis Hospitality Elements
The various elements that contribute to the practice of hospitality as understood in Oasis. These elements identify the skills required of Oasis volunteers and are therefore also themes for professional development of the Oasis Team.

The Steps of Motiv
Gives some of the critical history of the Delft Technical University’s chaplains’ thirty year transformation into MoTiv – technology and spirituality.

Borgman on Mission
Handout of a keynote address at the Conference of European University Chaplains in 2007 by Dutch Catholic theologian, Erik Borgman, which has influenced the decision by the Delft chaplains to form MoTiv and to see their task as primarily an engagement with the world rather than primarily as agents of the church.

Oasis and the Student Hub
Handout for a discussion of Oasis stakeholders with Carolyn Davidson, Director, Strategic Project Delivery at Flinders University regarding the incorporation of Oasis into the proposed new Student Hub.

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