June 11 CEUC Keynote: Lisa Bjurwald

Europe and the Neo-Fascist Threat

Lisa Bjurwald is an investigative  journalist who has specialised in the politics of xenophobia for well over a decade. She is alert to the propagation of  racist conspiracies – such as “The muslims will take over because they have larger families!”, and the failure of the media in general, to expose such fear-mongering for what it is.

She notes the shift “from boots to suits” as the miliant and the political, and the pan-European and US networks, feed off each other.

She links islamophobia, anti-semitism and antizyganism (“Gypsies”, the Roma) as interlocking ideologies and exposes the reality of demographic warfare.

She notes that the Internet allows extreme ideas to be accessible and widespread –  a tool of propaganda, recruitment and cooperation.
Radicals can go undetected.
It underlines the need for media literacy – what is true or false on-line, how selective “truth” works in propaganda, for example.

Some of the urgent challenges she lists are:

  • the focus on islamism has strengthened the extreme right
  • the lack of knowledge about today’s movements (even and particularly in the security domain)
  • radical ideas have entered the mainstream
  • our tolerance for racism has grown
  • the strong extremist presence on-line
  • will the next Behring Breivik go undiscovered too?

An important and engaging lecture.

1 thought on “June 11 CEUC Keynote: Lisa Bjurwald

  1. Maureen Howland

    Hi Geoff! What an inspiring conference – I’m following your travels with awe and not a little envy. 🙂 Seems that the whole world is prey to a “them vs us” mentality. That’s what it boils down to, whatever the anti/ism involved. And fuelled by anger and violence… scary stuff. Selamat jalan temanku (happy travels my friend) Maureen


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