Five Months On – Evolving Directions of Oasis

Five months on from Oasis being incorporated and resourced by the University:

who we think we are:

Oasis is a welcoming and enabling community, open to all, contributing to personal and communal spiritual enrichment while promoting mutual respect and understanding of diverse religious paths and cultural traditions.

and in a nutshell (but maybe a bit of a mouthful!):

Oasis – community and spirituality through hospitality.

* We have defined an Oasis Team – an inner core of the Oasis community who:

    • want to contribute to realising the Oasis vision,
    • are volunteers, working within the codes of practice of Volunteering Australia,
    • want to develop new skills and understandings that enhance the quality of their  service.

“Oasis is a welcoming… community…”

* we have identified elements we think combine to enact the “welcoming” Oasis offers:

Oasis Elements

* these elements are helping us identify some of our skill development needs

“Oasis is… an enabling community…” 

* In the university and wider community we seek to enable by forming partnerships and collaborations, asking the question: ‘What do you need from Oasis?’

* We are replacing ‘meetings’ with meals, fostering the Oasis Hospitality Elements.

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