Oasis and the Wider Community

Today Kylie Davis, our Pagan Chaplain articulated what I think is an excellent framework to help us work through how Oasis might initially respond to requests from the wider community.

The principles are:

  • Telling: members of the Oasis Team share their experiences about being involved in Oasis in the context of the expressed needs of the audience.
    Eg the Oasis Team have shared their experiences at national and local conferences of chaplains interested in interfaith relations.
  • Hosting: workshops hosted by Oasis involving active participation by the participants on the themes of interfaith ceremonies, celebrations and rituals and how they may be constructed inclusively.
  • Doing: create and enact a public ritual in which people participate. A learning experience and a resource for future use, development or adaption.
    Eg the Multifaith Australia Day Celebration, Opening rituals of Oasis Celebrations at Flinders.

These principles expand on the existing practice of Oasis, as an encouraging host to individuals or groups who may want to use the Oasis Facilities, in keeping with the ethos of Oasis. In this way the mission of Oasis is multiplied by others.

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