Reflections on a discussion about Oasis and the proposed Student Hub

Last Sunday, I attended the induction of Rev Dave Williamson as chaplain to Adelaide University and UniSA. In a casual conversation I was told that a copy of my book “An Improbable Feast” was presented to the Vice Chancellor of Adelaide University as the foundational document for Dave’s chaplaincy.

While this might be flattering, the book was not written with Vice Chancellors in mind. It reads as the story of how Oasis emerged from conflict, how we discovered hospitality as the central theme that enabled us, chaplains from diverse faiths, to work together. At the time of writing, my ‘first -read’ editor, Norm Habel, suggested I write a chapter with the university in mind. I decided against it; but I knew that eventually I would need to put together another book about Oasis that might be useful for those who might want to implement the principles woven into the Oasis narrative.

So when Carolyn Davidson, Director,Strategic Project Delivery asked Oasis to describe to her what it does and how it does it, I thought I should make a start, sketching out some of the bare bones that might later be fleshed out into a sequel to ‘An Improbable Feast’.

It may be found as Oasis and the Student Hub in Resources.

I welcome comments and suggestions.

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